Another “tax” year over and a new “tax” year begun!

Well for us here a time of reflection and perhaps a breather before 2015 tax returns are rolled out!

But maybe not this time as “tax” seems to be everywhere in the run up to General Election 2015 with the media carrying headlines such as “Non-dom tax status” “increased personal allowance” “50% tax rate” “basic rate tax band increase”, tax is far from “boring” right now!  So where is all of this going; well it now seems anything we do in life may have tax implications and that is why expert advice beforehand is so important. 

If you need our help, and even if it is merely for a tax return quote, we would be pleased to hear from you.

The above is for general guidance only.  Buick & Co Chartered Tax Advisers and Tax Consultants take no responsibility whatsoever for this blog, its reliability or any actions you take having read it.

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