What can I claim tax relief on?

Well that is a question which comes up all the time, and we certainly don't have the time here to run through everything!!

Some items which we regularly pickup, when reviewing an individual’s tax affairs, where a claim may be possible are:

  1. Professional subscriptions;
  2. Higher rate tax relief on pension contributions;
  3. Higher rate tax relief on qualifying charitable payments;
  4. Flat rate allowances;
  5. Business mileage where employer pays under HMRC rates.

Whilst the above is in no way meant to be exhaustive, and a detailed explanation on each is a topic for another day, those 5 do seem to come up quite a bit, and there is nothing more pleasing than checking, claiming and getting tax back!

If you think any of the above might be relevant to you, best get it checked out, and if you would like our help, please get in touch.

The above is for general guidance only.  Buick & Co Chartered Tax Advisers and Tax Consultants take no responsibility whatsoever for this blog, its reliability or any actions you take having read it.



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